Lt. Col. Vil Torothe

Alliance SpecForce officer


Human Soldier

Brawn 3 | Agility 3 | Intellect 3 | Cunning 3 | Willpower 2 | Presence 2
Wounds 17 | Strain 14

Athletics I
Coercion I
Cool II
Discipline III
Leadership II
Negotiation I
Perception II
Pilot (Planetary) I
Resilience III
Stealth II
Survival I
Vigilance II

Melee I
Gunnery I
Ranged (Light) II
Ranged (Heavy) IIII

Core Worlds I
Education I
Outer Rim I
Warfare II

Blaster Rifle (BlasTech A295) – Augmented Spin Barrel (+1 Damage, Mods: Pierce +1), Telescopic Sight, Weapon Sling (Mods: Quick Draw)
Damage 10 | Crit 3 | Long Range | Encum 4 | Stun setting, Pierce 1

Blaster Pistol (BlasTech DH-17)
Damage 6 | Crit 3 | Medium Range | Encum 1 | Stun setting

Heavy Clothing – Soak 1(+1)

Physical Training II
Toughened II
Grit II
Durable I
Armor Master I
Outdoorsman I
Natural Outdoorsman
Point Blank I
Strong Arm
Commanding Presence I
Confidence I
Lethal Blows I
True Aim I
Sniper Shot I
Deadly Accuracy (Heavy)


Lieutenant Colonel Vil Torothe is a human male in his late thirties and the recently appointed commander of the Zephyr Base outpost on Socorro.

A former Imperial Stormtrooper, Torothe defected to the Rebel Alliance and has since been a valuable asset to SpecForce operations against the Empire.

Lt. Col. Vil Torothe

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