Capital ship combat using Armada

Quick notes:

- Close range = distance 1
- Short range = black die
- Medium range = blue die
- Long range = red die

Turns resolve as per AoR rules.


  • Ships use their Armada speed stat where possible.
  • Speed is changed via standard AoR rules, but using the Armada stats of the ship (e.g. an Imperial Star Destroyer is treated as having Speed 3, as per its Armada stat line)
  • The Fly maneuver allows a ship to perform one of its standard Armada maneuvers at its current speed, and must be taken every round by either a dedicated pilot or the NPC crew. It can be combined with a change in speed, even though both are Pilot Only.
  • As part of the Fly maneuver, the Pilot can make a Hard Piloting check to take 1 System Strain and allow the ship to use 1 extra notch on the maneuver tool.

As AoR is entirely capable of three-dimensional combat, ramming/collision is ignored unless intentionally instigated by a ship or ruled by GM. The miniatures’ positions should be used as guidelines for weapon ranges, engagements, and maneuvers to enhance the battle, not as concrete static positioning. In the case of Armada ships overlapping, the figures can be placed in their approximate positions above/below one another.

Note that this can have logical and tactical ramifications: most of a Star Destroyer’s armament is dorsal, not ventral, and may affect what fire arcs are valid!

Firing Arcs/Defense Zones:

For large ships, arcs and defense zones correlate logically. The main difference is in battery and anti-starfighter armament; the Armada stats are ignored and the AoR stats used as appropriate (turrets list which arcs they can fire in, etc)


  • Starfighters use their AoR rules wherever possible, and use the distance stick to travel at their current speed (note that this means that A-wings and TIE Interceptors can theoretically travel distance 6).
  • Squadrons are broken down into Minion Flights of 4 starfighters each, represented by an appropriate Armada figure. Intact fighters can be measured with the Armada dial.
  • PC, Rival, and Nemesis starfighters are tracked individually (maybe use X-Wing-scale figure?).
  • Starfighters dogfight normally by AoR and/or Mass Combat rules, using the figures to represent position and range relative to the larger ships in the combat.
    Note that as most starfighter weapons are Close Range, this gives them the same effective engagement range as in Armada in most cases. Missiles and Torpedoes are Short Range however, thus allowing some fighters to engage at Black Die range.

Mid-size ships (Silhouette 4):

Represented with Rogues minis or stand-ins, but otherwise treated similar to starfighters.

Capital ship combat using Armada

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